re:architect in the public sector

Hi, I am Shu Yang Lin. With double masters in Computer Science and Interaction Design, I've worked with international teams such as Rokoko, Re:public, Tellart, supporting the team with design and prototypes.

Since 2016, I co-founded PDIS, an innovation hub built by the Digital Minister of Taiwan. Now leveraging my passion and skills in interaction design and HCI to rethink the interaction between the government and the civil society. My work as re:architect in PDIS means constantly reflecting and reshaping the culture in our team and overall in the government.


vTaiwan is a consultation process which brings together government ministries, elected officials, scholars, business leaders and the general public. By using digital tools to attract multiple stakeholders and facilitate online delibration to solve complex problems. The process helps lawmakers implement decisions with a greater degree of legitimacy.

PO peer-to-peer network

The PO (Participation Officers) peer support network serves to drive cultural change; it plays a key role in Taiwan’s open government scene. They involve in conversation among civic society and governmental divisions. Together with PDIS, we gather on a weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis for holding public service workshop and network reviews. 


g0v, a decentralized civic tech community in Taiwan, has been building tech solutions for citizens to participate in public affairs from the bottom up. We imagine a space for discussion that involves us all stakeholders. We believe that deliberation – thinking deeply about something together – is the effective vaccine to the current policy making process.