Shu Yang Lin

Interaction Design

People-Planet Approach

Mass Participation

Collective Intelligence

Responsible Innovation


I am a designer. I mostly design interactions, in both public and private sectors.

I am currently at PDIS, an innovation lab in the central government of Taiwan that works on open government, social innovation and youth council. It provides channels for civic engagements, sets up cross-ministerial policy making process, works on digital regulatory reforms with grassroot civic tech communities, and supports the operation of social innovation lab.

I am also at Cookpad, a company with a mission to refashion food system through cooking. It operates the world’s largest recipe sharing platform for home cooks. That volume of cooking knowledge is accessible to anyone, and is especially linked to next generation busy city dwellers through a direct-from-farm ingredients ordering service.

I believe that designing interactions that engage individuals is key to forming collective actions and effecting meaningful systemic change. For a more comprehensive look into my work experience, please visit my CV.

When not at work, I enjoy jogging along river banks, cooking perfect soft-boiled eggs, and browsing Brackeys Unity tutorials.